i invite you to breathe deep, inhale the beauty that surrounds you and extend your presence to include the song of the landscape rising up to meet your feet.

let the beauty you love be what you do. there are thousands of ways to kneel and kiss the earth.
— rumi

i am a lover and tender of the wild living holy. veena is blessed to apprentice to the sheep, the tendrils of green, her hands and many beloved teachers.  my passion to create beauty as a form of praise emerged from a deep dive into the depths of soul where i was gifted a vision to start a beauty school (not just any kind of beauty school).  

giving voice to the natural beauty of plants and fiber brings me great joy. the endless alchemy of coaxing color from plants and the natural beauty of wool inspire my creation and desire to share these skills with others. 

what a wonder to develop deep relationships with animal and plant beings to honorably serve practical human needs.

giving thanks....

slow beauty way emerged as the result of many great blessings, some ineffable, some in the form of great teachers, allies and friends.  to all those that have touched my life and the widening circles of connection - I bow in gratitude.

to the great sun that continues to blaze across the sky each day giving us all the gift of life.

to the free flowing waters, may you continue to run wild toward the sea.

to the plant beings that nourish and heal, may your seeds find a fertile patch of earth upon which to sprout.

to those people whose tongues remember their bone language, may you and your grandchildren continue to sing praises that echo the song of the earth.

my family, many beloved teachers including Martín Prechtel, Joanna Macy, Stargazer Li,  Annie Bloom, Niles Hagemann, India Flint, Stephen Jenkinson,  Yasodhara Ashram, BKS Iyengar, Sachcha Dham lineage, Ruby Ladd, Lynda Jacobs, Katherine Jolda, countless wild places, the winged ones that hunt in the night, a imensidão da floresta, o cura do beija-flor and the black waters of beauty lake.